Men Electrical Heated Sleevless Jacket

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Perfect and Tailored Design: Lightweight protected for you to wear in any manners with unhindered development; Water and wind safe

Snappy and Long-enduring Warmth: Heat rapidly in seconds with 5V CE-affirmed battery; Up to 8 working hours; USB port for charging PDAs and other cell phones

For All Walks of Life and Adventures: Ideal and warm decision for you, relatives, companions, representatives, to appreciate open air exercises (motorbike riding, sport, outdoors, angling, development, and so forth.) against cold and crisp atmosphere

Perfect and customized configuration: adapted warming part plan, for the rear of the neck is helpless to cold parts, infrared warmth without hurtful radiation, one-button warming three-speed temperature control clever warming. Agreeable texture quality is liked.

No Worries at All: Easy consideration; Machine launderable


Label XL: Bust:114cm/44.88inches, Shoulder:42cm/16.54inches,Length:69cm/27.17inches

Label 2XL: Bust:118cm/46.46inches, Shoulder:43cm/16.93inches,Length:71cm/27.95inches

Label 3XL: Bust:122cm/48.03inches, Shoulder:45cm/17.72inches,Length:73cm/28.74inches

Label 4XL: Bust:126cm/49.61inches, Shoulder:46cm/18.11inches,Length:75cm/29.53inches

Simple and Safe:

Nano texture with lightweight carbon fiber warming material enable brisk smooth warming inside 3 seconds. 0 Radiation innovation recognizes from most warmed apparel in the market.

Force Supply:

With a press of the catch, you can change the degree of warmth as you like. Before that please associate with a USB interface power supply and press the catch around 3 seconds to turn it on.

Long Endurance

45℃ Warm:    10000mAH ≈ 5-6 hours

35℃ Comfortable: 10000mAH ≈ 7-8 hours

25℃ Energy Efficient: 10000mAH ≈ 9-10 hours

Washing directions:

1.Take out removable charger, Neutral cleanser is accessible, hand wash.

2.Do not compel work or beat, After nature air drying can be use


1 If not utilized for quite a while. kindly don't connect removable charger

2.Do not utilize high temperature water or solid corrosive cleanser.

3.Forbidden to utilize power for wet garments, Please turn off the force and quit utilizing if material is wet

4.Use time contingent upon the limit of removable charge

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