Sleep Headphone
Multifunctional Bluetooth head-mounted sleep headphones. With this  3-in-1 sleep headphones, you can listen to music without wearing other headphones.  Also protects you from hair and sweat. [Super soft and Breathable] Headband: The headband is made of strong woven thread and provided with...
$76.84 from $48.03
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Dog Nail clipper
Our Nail Trimmer is equipped with an ultra-quiet but powerful motor. It gently removes thin layers of the nail with minimal noise (under 50dB) and vibration so that sensitive pets won't be anxious or scared. Stays Cool: Special coated pet-friendly...
$47.48 from $36.48
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Multifunctional Table Slicer
 This is a must-have kitchen cutter. suitable for cutting or slicing fruits, vegetable rice cakes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, meat, etc. Main Features [Easy to Use]Simple to use, sharp blade, cut uniform sizes, firm, and durable. [Suitable for]Multifunctional slicer, suitable...
$47.28 $28.99
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12PCS/Set Universal Zipper Repair Kit
Universal Zipper  Repair Kit allows broken zippers to be fixed in seconds, without any sewing requirements. The heavy-duty construction of the zip slider allows for the zipper to last a long time without wear. This is an easy and fast solution...
$24.99 $16.99
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Volumizer Hair Brush Dryer, 2 in 1 Multifunctional Hair Dryer Brush Comb
The Volumizer Hair Brush Dryer is a multifunctional hairbrush and dryer brush in one. It functions as both a brush and a hairdryer. This 2 in 1 hair styling tool is designed for, convenience, it is also easy to use. Ideal for...
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